Medics Preparation Programme

London UK | 2 weeks | Summer 2016

Dates: 21st August – 3rd September 2016
Entry requirements: minimum English level: equivalent to 6.0 IELTS
Average class size: 12-15

This two week course is designed for 15-18 year old students with an interest in a career in medicine. The programme will give you a significant head start in your university applications as you experience and learn about:

the complexity and rigour of healthcare in the UK
the importance of thorough preparation before making applications
the critical thinking and presentation skills necessary for successful interview performance

This course is a unique and challenging programme that lends you through an intellectually and emotionally demanding process and thoroughly engages you in the reality of healthcare in the UK. It is designed by health care professionals to put patient experience, critical reflection and active engagement at the centre of a journey that previous participants have found life changing.

Critical Thinking for Medicine seminars | Understanding the NHS lectures and visits | Reflective practice journaling | Patient voice seminars | UKCAT and BMAT preparation | University application support and advice | Visits to top UK hospitals and medical schools | Challenging cutting edge lectures | Presentation skills workshops | Medical ethics masterclass

You will

  • Visit local medical facilities and understand more how healthcare in the UK operates
  • Reflect on their opportunities with support from leading university and higher education advisors
  • Practice all the key skills necessary for UKCAT and BMAT success
  • Reason about medical ethics with the opportunity to learn from the experiences of health care practitioners
  • Engage with patient groups to learn from “patient voice”
  • Visit top medical school and talk with admissions tutors
  • Develop the Critical Thinking skills necessary for successful applications
  • Create a high quality application
  • Practice interview and presentation skills through mock interviews

Programme Outcomes:

1. You will have formed well-argued opinions about the nature of medicine and healthcare in the UK.
2. You will have an excellent draft application for the career of your choice.
3. You will be able to talk reflectively and eloquently about your experiences.
4. You will have a clearly developed action plan as to what you need to do to strengthen your application.

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