Academic English Programme

Canterbury UK | 3 weeks | Summer 2016

Dates: 3rd-23rd July 2016 and 24th July-13 August 2016

Entry requirements: minimum English level: equivalent to IELTS 3.5+
Average class size: 10

This programme is designed for 14 year old international students with pre-intermediate English levels (around IELTS 3.5), looking for a full time intensive English course that blends developing general English with learning to use English for academic study. Students will gain confidence in working in an academic environment in English, critical for future study in the UK or US.

Full-time, intensive course, tailored to your needs
Our experienced teachers work with students in small groups so that content and delivery can be matched to the requirements of everybody and individually. Teachers ensure that the pace of the lesson is designed to stretch and challenge so that everyone makes as much progress as they can.

Includes the study of General English and English for academic purposes
Students benefit from developing both their general English – reading, writing, speaking and listening – so that they become better communicators. They also gain experience of studying in a UK academic environment, practising both academic vocabulary and command terms.

Provides an introduction to the vocabulary required for Business, Maths, Science and Humanities
Success in academic study is greatly enhanced by a wide range of specialist vocabulary at the right level. Experienced teachers understand the precise needs of study in English at this level, and students are exposed to key academic terms in a range of common subjects.

Develops students’ confidence required for further study
Education in the UK or US expects students to participate in lessons, listening and speaking with confidence. Academic English Programme classes will help to develop confidence in using English Programme classes will help to develop confidence in using English in real life academic situations, so that they are well prepared to make the most of future lessons and courses.

Please note that general Academic English programmes are also available on a weekly basis throughout the summer in all CATS schools, although the social and activities programme will be less intensive than on this programme. Please see the Coursefinder for details.

Students progressing to CATS Academic programmes for the new term in September 2016 will also be able to participate in other subject lessons on this course.

Programme Outcomes:

1. You will develop confidence in listening to, speaking, reading and writing English at an appropriate level.
2. You will have a good grasp of some key academic vocabulary and terms.
3. You will understand the way that an academic lesson operates in the UK and be confident speaking out and listening to others.
4. You will have a clearly developed action plan as to what you need to do to improve your English.



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