King Edward’s School


At a Glance
Location: Witley, near Guildford, Surrey
Bedrooms: Single, twin and four-bed dorms
Bathrooms: Shared
Internet: Student computer room with computers in the boarding house
Student ages: 7-16
Courses since: 2006

King Edward’s school is located in the beautiful village of Witley, Surrey. This impressive school is within an hour ofKing Edward's School - Front both London and the south coast of England, making it a great location for one of Bucksmore’s classic English summer scho


In 1860, King Edward VI’s Bridewell Royal Hospital’s ‘House of Occupations’ was renamed to King Edward’s School. From the age of 10, boys and girls were taught reading, writing, arithmetic, geography and history.

In the 19th century, when pupils left the school, girls went into domestic service and the boys in city firms, factories and armed forces.

The boy’s school moved to the 100-acre Witley site with newly built accommodation and in 1952 admitted women into the school. With a strong discipline, part of the curriculum was in workshops and learning about trade. In World War II, the school was used for top secret war work including naval radar development where it is said that due to the school providing a camp, ‘the Battle of the Atlantic was won on the playing fields of Witley’.

LocationKing Edward's School - Example Student Bedroom

The traditional English boarding school is based in Witley, within an hour’s drive from London and the south coast of England giving it an ideal location for a traditional summer school experience.

Nearby cities can be accessed easily including Brighton, Canterbury, Windsor and Oxford.

Witley is a tiny village in the beautiful county of Surrey, surrounded by farmland and forest.


Bucky Kids have their own accommodation and classrooms located in Queen Mary House, separate to BucksmoreKing Edward's School - Dining Hall Summer programme boarding houses. Excellent on-site facilities include an indoor swimming pool and an all-weather sports pitch. There is also a weekly laundry service where students are able to wash their clothes.

Bucksmore also offers a complimentary airport transfer service to students arriving at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.


In addition to the Bucksmore’s residential centre management team and counsellors that provide pastoral care and support to students, there are also friendly and welcoming King Edward’s staff available 24 hours a day.