Information about Tennessee Technological University

Students at Tennessee Tech get more than a top-notch education. They learn to be leaders in their chosen careers and lifelong learners.

Partnerships between students and faculty combine disciplines and ideas in multi-disciplinary projects and research. Outside the classroom, they learn about cultures across the globe, discover how to be good citizens through service organizations and dozens of student clubs, gain exposure to the arts and build friendships across ages, backgrounds and interests.

Like our mascot, Awesome the golden eagle, TTU students are focused on their studies, fearless in pursuing their goals and their future, and committed to the campus and global communities.

With an enrollment of more than 10,000 students, TTU offers more than 40 undergraduate and 20 graduate degrees across six academic disciplines: Agriculture and Human Ecology, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering, and Interdisciplinary and Extended Education.

Life Outside the Classroom

At TTU, learning isn’t contained within a classroom’s four walls. There’s a strong intellectual community, where faculty and students connect daily through research, discussion and service.

Tennessee Tech is a place where student inventions leave the classroom to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Where we rally to help rebuild and repair communities when disasters strike. Where a variety of concerts, performances, and art festivals are a way of life. Where students can become exactly what they want to be.

A Launch Pad for Lifelong Success

Calling Tennessee Tech home, TTU alumni leave our small town to change the world. Astronauts and entrepreneurs, artists and teachers developed the confidence in their abilities and education to tackle global issues and become leaders in their fields in Cookeville.

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A Beautiful Place to Call Home

A town of about 25,000 people, our community offers the best of rural and urban living. Centrally located among three of Tennessee’s largest cities, the campus is surrounded by lakes, state parks, mountains and rivers in one of the most ecologically diverse climates in the nation.

Nearly two-thirds of all students receive some form of financial aid, either from the state or federal government, the university, or private funds.

Founded in 1915, Tennessee Tech is governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents.