The Basel School of Business

Academic Excellence

With a degree from The Basel School of Business, you can be assured that you will receive a recognized world-class education that meets the highest standards of quality.Our programs have been specifically designed in close collaboration with industry leaders in order to ensure that your degree is relevant, up-to-date and tailored to the needs of the job market.Key to your success at BSB is our faculty – respected professionals who are passionate about education. They find innovative ways to explain complex issues, motivate students to challenge the status quo, and share a genuine interest in life long learning.

A Global Perspective

Today’s organizations are global, and to be successful, leaders must be as well. Having an in-depth understanding of international markets, trends, and cultural shifts is key to your success.

  • Our international faculty brings a global perspective to each course, teaching students to think beyond borders.
  • The multicultural student body enriches classroom discussions through a diversity of viewpoints.
  • The primary language of instruction is English, the international language of business.

Located in the heart of Europe.

Rooted in the Local Community

 As an organization founded and run by Baslers, we are committed to sharing with our students an understanding of the culture and industries that make our city so dynamic, by:

  • Placing students in local internships
  • Visiting regional companies and NGOs
  • Developing language skills though German courses
  • Encouraging integration with clubs and community associations
  • Organizing guest lecturers
 A Unique Learning Environment

The cornerstone of every BSB program is the philosophy of Practical Experiential Learning.

  • Small class sizes of 6 – 10 students allow for individualized attention and support.
  • A collaborative environment encourages active engagement with your professors and peers.
  • Case studies, excursions, internships, and guest lectures provide an understanding of the relevance and application of management theory to the modern business world.

Academic Programs