At Brooke House we take the responsibility of educating children very seriously, and strive consistently to ensure that our students maximise their potential in securing the best possible future they can.  We believe that the cornerstone of success is a high-quality academic delivery combined with a learning environment in which students are challenged and also supported. Our expectations are high yet appropriately managed and a focus is placed on preparing students for the challenges of life and not just for examinations. In this regard whilst analytical skills and the ability to communicate effectively are fostered in the classroom a spirit of independence and endeavour is cultivated outside it through a broad curriculum. The college in recent years has developed in to a centre of sporting excellence – its Football Academy now competes in the top-flight of secondary level football and its Motorsports Academy draws interest from all over the globe. The college evaluates itself by its ability to deliver its students ambitions, whether they be a career in professional sport, entering a profession, a life in academia or an opportunity in entrepreneurship.

Brooke House aims to provide a safe and tolerant co-educational environment which allows individual expression and development. Over the college’s 50 year history we have welcomed students’ from all corners of the world and strived to make sure that the experience of gaining an education away from home is not too daunting. We have been privileged to see different cultures and customs merging in a spirit of friendly competition. The college places a particular emphasis on its boarding provision and hopes that a parent residing in Market Harborough would still wish to enrol their child as a boarder on account of the enriching pastoral experience available within the college walls.

The world’s commercial, political and social landscape seems to change ever more quickly. Students can now undertake university courses in subject areas that had not been invented when I was an undergraduate! However, we believe that through combining traditional values with modern thinking our students will matriculate with grounds for great optimism about their futures. We believe that we what we do here in Leicestershire is a little bit special – please do come and see for yourselves


GCSE is an examination that most English students take at the age of 16 in between 4 and 8 subjects. At Brooke House a full range of GCSE courses is offered including, but not exclusively:

Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Biology Combined Sciences English
History Geography IT
Business Studies Art

The GCSE course can be taken over 1 or 2 years depending on age and academic background, with a start in September and may also be studied over 5 terms from January each year.

A Level

GCE A Level is one of the world’s most recognised qualifications, leading students to direct university entry. To obtain this qualification, students undertake a 2 year course in 3 to 4 subjects normally starting at the age of 16. Apart from acquiring knowledge in particular subjects, the course also helps the students to develop important skills such as problem solving and project management.

At Brooke House a full range of A Level courses is offered including, but not exclusively:

Mathematics Further Mathematics Physics
Chemistry Biology History
English Art Art History
Photography Law Government and Political Studies
Computing Economics Business Studies
Geography Psychology Sociology

Students may study A Level on either a two year (6-term) course, commencing in September, or on an 18-month (5-term) course, commencing in January, each year.


While students are with us at Brooke House we hope that they come to view the college as their home and the Principal and the staff as their guardians. Boarding houses fall into different categories, supervised and over 18.

Boarding houses can be found on and off the main Brooke House campus. As a rule, all students under 16 will be accommodated on campus. Students will only be permitted to live in over 18 accommodation if they have parental permission. All supervised accommodation has at least one live-in, full-time, residential tutor. The over 18 boarding houses are supervised by a full-time Warden.




Students are allocated in single gender, comfortable,well-equipped boarding houses. All the boarding houses possess a sitting room, with television and DVD player and a kitchenette where students can prepare their own snacks in the evenings and at weekends. All boarding houses are equipped with WiFi. While all accommodation blocks possess their own laundry facilities there is also a central laundry with industrial washing and drying machines. A common meeting point for students is the college’s recently refurbished Paul Kitchener Building, which has pool and table tennis tables available. The building is also equipped with a tuck shop, SKY TV and WiFi.


Brooke House accommodation is open to all students during the half term holidays at no extra cost. Students in over 18 accommodation are welcome to remain with us during the Winter and Spring holidays, whilst the college is closed. Students in supervised accommodation are not permitted to remain during these holiday periods. As the academic demands at Brooke House are high, outside the classroom the college atmosphere is deliberately informal. Rules and restrictions are kept to a common-sense minimum. This allows both boys and girls to enjoy a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and encourages them to respect their liberty without abusing it.


Deposit and Terms

  • Deposit – £1500.00

The enrolment deposit is refunded within 42 days of the end of a student’s course less any deduction for outstanding amounts.

If a student requires a visa to enter the UK, but is unable to meet visa requirements, and proper reason given to the College, the enrolment deposit and all other money paid to the College will be refunded (minus the registration administration fee).

  • Registration Administration Fee – £100.00 / £125.00

A registration administration fee of £100.00 will be charged to all applicants from the UK and the EEA. A registration administration fee of £125.00 will be charged to all applicants outside the EEA who require a Tier 4 student visa to enter the UK to study.The additional £25.00 charge reflects the need to issue a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) statements for students outside the EEA.

Where, owing to the failings of the student of their representatives, the college is required to issue more than one CAS, the college will apply a further charge of £25.00 per CAS issued.

  • Boarding Fees 2016 – 2017 – £9990.00 per term
  • Day Fees 2016 – 2017 – £5900.00 per term