Bournemouth Collegiate School

A successful school is a way of life and a place in which to live that life.

We aim to make Bournemouth Collegiate School a comfortable and happy place, since that’s the best setting in which to grow the abilities of all our pupils. But BCS is also a demanding and exciting place where we openly celebrate pupils’ achievements – whether in examinations, on the sports field, in the creative arts or in working for others.

We want pupils to be true to themselves, but also to grow up to respect the individuality of others.

As a member of United Learning, we uphold the United Learning Group Ethos and Values Statement.

Welcome to Bournemouth Collegiate School

BCS recognises that academic success is vitally important in education and is a central component to the opportunities our pupils enjoy once they leave the School. Universities and employers increasingly demand a wide range of skills and experiences, and BCS now has a greater responsibility more than ever to focus on the overall development of their pupils.

We pride ourselves on our ability to ‘add value’ to each pupil’s education from 3 years old all the way up to A’ level. Individual needs are catered for across all age groups, and boys and girls of differing abilities and interests flourish in our school environment. We provide a broad curriculum that equips pupils for the next stage in their development.

School Fees

Fees from September 2015 to July 2016

Fees are quoted per term, inclusive of lunches unless otherwise stated

Senior School
Day Pupils – Years 7 to 13 £4,530
Boarding Fees (UK and EU) £8,684
Boarding Fees (non EU) £8,848
Day Boarding £15 per day
Flexi Boarding – week night £70 per night
Flexi Boarding – weekend £80 per day/ night
Preparatory School
Year 6 £3,395
Year 5 £3,395
Year 4 £2,900
Year 3 £2,780
Year 2 £2,160
Year 1 £2,160
Reception £2,160
Morning Session (8.30am – 12noon, excluding lunch) £1,350
Afternoon session  (1.30pm – 5.00pm, excluding lunch) £1,350
School Day (8.30am – 3.15pm, including lunch) £1,850
Full Day (8.30am – 5.00pm, including lunch) £2,475

Information about the Fees Refund Scheme and insurance options is available here. You can view the Standard Terms and Conditions here.