Welcome to the Intensive English Language English

Welcome to the Intensive English Language Institute on the campus of Flinders University. We hope that you will not only learn English but also enjoy your experience in Australia.

This orientation guide will give you some basic information about the Intensive English Language Institute (IELI), Flinders University and Adelaide. We have also included some English expressions, which you can use as you explore your new home.

The IELI orientation program will take place over the first few weeks of your stay. In the first few days, you will learn how to get around the campus and the city. You will get a schedule for the orientation classes on your first day at IELI. It is important that you note the days and times for each class in your diary.

During the orientation program, we will discuss other services, information and skills you may need during your stay in Adelaide. It is very important that new students attend all of the Orientation Classes. The information and discussions in the orientation classes will help you to succeed in your English studies. The classes will also give you information for solving problems and staying safe in Adelaide.

You should also take time to read this guide carefully. IELI recommends that you read this guide quickly now. Then read it again a few weeks after you arrive in Adelaide. You will find the information is more interesting after you have experienced life in Adelaide for a few weeks.

IELI Courses

IELI has 8 levels (0 – 7). In levels 0 – 3, students study General English. In the higher levels, students can choose the best course for their goals. The following overview will help you choose the best course for your future. However, after you begin the IELI program, it is possible to change to another IELI course. IELI courses do not focus on test preparation, but some test practice is included in each course.

(22 hours of required classes, 3 hours of elective classes)