After several months of planning, traveling the world to meet with potential partners, attending conferences and building relationships, we are finally open! Education and travel have been a big part of the lives of all of us at Windsor, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to launch a company that combines those passions.

As educators, we have seen the value of study abroad experiences firsthand. Whether it takes the form of taking immersive language classes, spending a summer in a camp or  moving to an entirely new country to enroll in a university, the journey you go through transforms you. You grow as a person and discover new strengths that you never knew you had.

This value is not just subjective. As shown through research, employers consider study abroad to be valuable experience when hiring. Universities and employers no longer want specialized employees who only excel in a single area. Alongside that expertise, they want individuals who are flexible, skilled in communicating with others from different backgrounds, and willing to take on responsibility.

It is these kinds of traits that are fostered through study abroad, and here at Windsor, we firmly believe that individuals, organizations and cultures can change in a positive way when more people take those opportunities.

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