Beautiful campus close to Hollywood Hills

Ages: 12 – 18

Location: California State University, Northridge Campus, Los Angeles

Distance from Downtown Los Angeles: 45 minutes

Our centre is located on the campus of California State University in Northridge, California (CSU). An excellent location within easy travelling distance of the major airports and sights of Los Angeles. Local attractions include Disneyland, Universal Studios and The Grammy Museum.

This small, private university has great facilities and a friendly atmosphere. Students will feel safe and comfortable at this campus and can enjoy great weather, beaches and local attractions after class.


Rooms are arranged in a ‘suite-style’, with four students sharing a bathroom. Each room is a twin (two beds), and contains dressers, desks and chairs for each student. This style of living helps students develop friendships away from home.

All rooms have wireless internet and there are large communal lounges with televisions in the residence.

Security: There is 24-hour security on site. Anyone with an emergency during the night should call the centre mobile number which will be given to all students on arrival.


  • Classrooms: These are located either in separate floors of the main building (near the Embassy Summer office area) or in separate buildings on campus and vary in shape and size.
  • Sports facilities: Embassy makes use of an outdoor sand volleyball court, basketball court, swimming pool and green areas.  There are also tennis courts on campus.  There is a separate social space used for activities such as dance workshops and discos.
  • Dining Hall: Geronimo’s Café offers self-service in the large, spacious dining room with a variety of all-you-can-eat meals such as, hot entrées, vegetarian meals, soups, salads, fruits and desserts.
  • Common room:There is a game room with a large TV room with pool table and billiards for students’ free time.
  • Email & Internet: Students have access to email via the use of a computer room for an hour every evening free of charge. Adults can access the school’s Wi-Fi network free of charge.


Daytime activities

  • Sports: Soccer, American football, mini Olympics, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, softball, kick-ball and basketball.
  • Non-sports: Treasure hunts, mask making and hip-hop dance.
  • Local visits: Parks, museums and other options.

Evening activities

  • International Night, discos, casino, games, quizzes, talent shows, scavenger hunts and karaoke

* Examples of typical activities offered are shown


Included in the course price:

  • Three full-day trips each week (travel and entrance included)
  • Travel for included excursions is normally provided by a transportation company.
  • Travel for additional local and optional excursions is not included.

Examples of typical included excursions:

  • Local visits: Rodeo Drive, Malibu and Hollywood
  • Grammy Museum:
  • LA City Tour:
  • Beach visits: Santa Monica and Venice Beaches.

Examples of typical optional excursions:

** Examples of typical excursions shown. Optional excursions require extra payment for travel and entrance

California State University