Academic English Program

We offer two additional entry routes for international students who need extra English support to meet the English language entry requirements of the High School Diploma. Academic English Program 

Students whose English level does not meet the CATS Extra entry requirements may study CATS Academic English.The CATS Academic English Program is a year long program which has been designed to upgrade a student’s English language level of TOEFL 30 or IELTS 3.5 who would like to boost their English language skills before starting the 9th or 10th grade curriculum at CATS Academy Boston.

This program is focused on creating the conditions for an intense English Language instruction so that students can go on to successfully complete their education at an American high school. After each semester, sucessful students can expect to gain 10 points on TOEFL and 0.5 on IELTS, thereby moving on to an academic course load at CATS Academy Boston when ready.

CATS Extra

Students whose English level is slightly lower than the entry requirements will study CATS Extra. With CATS Extra, students study additional English as part of their curriculum, until they have achieved the required level for their grade.


Dates Fees
Spring Semester 2016: January 11th – June 3rd Semester tuition fee: $17,500
Semester dormitory fee: $10,400


Age Educational Level* English Level
13 years old on date of arrival but must turn 14 years old by October 1, 2016MAXIMUM AGE:
15 years old on date of arrival
Completion of US Grade 8 or equivalent in order to enter into grade 9 in Fall 2016; Completion of US Grade 9 or equivalent in order to enter into grade 10 in Fall 2016 TOEFL / IELTS***29 / 3.5

*CATS Academy Boston reserves the right to re-assess students on arrival and again, at the program’s end to determine the academic placement that is in their best interests.
***other internationally recognized English language tests may also be accepted