Welcome to Stover English Summer School!

Stover School sits in 64 acres of beautiful parkland nestled between Dartmoor National Park and the coast. We are different from other English Language schools because of our mixing of local English students with international students.
Our Summer School programme is for boys and girls ages 9-13 and consists of a variety of different English tuition lessons in the morning and activity workshops run by professional sports coaches in the afternoon as part of our holiday activity camp for local children. The morning sessions focus on achieving English proficiency and knowledge, whilst in the afternoon students join in with our own students in the organised activity programme.This unique experience of mixing with local English students provides international students with an opportunity to practise their spoken English and experience British culture on a personal level.

Our Summer School offers: a team of dedicated staff ∙ work with sports professionals ∙ Class sizes of 10 or less ∙ high standard of teaching ∙ full programme of 32 dedicated English lessons and sports workshops per week ∙ all inclusive onsite activities and off site excursions ∙ free laundry service ∙ internet access ∙ three meals a day ∙ certificate of English achievements for students staying 2 or more weeks ∙ fun and action packed programme

Our weekly programme consists of 32 English lessons and workshops offering a unique learning experience within an inspirational environment in the South West of England. Academic sessions will have a maximum of 10 students per class, and are taught by carefully chosen teachers who are experienced, qualified and professional. All of our lessons are designed to be motivating and fun while keeping students busy.

 Morning Lessons
Morning lessons at our Summer School are spent focusing on classroom based English learning and are designed specifically for multi-national classes. There will be sixteen 45-minute classroom lessons each week covering a variety of topics and language skills. Lessons are meant to be intense and challenging for students, but also fun and engaging.

Afternoon Workshops
In the afternoon Summer School students join in with the High 5 activity programme which sees students integrating with local English speaking students allowing students to practice their English speaking skills in a more relaxed atmosphere whilst enjoying a wide range of sports and activities. Activities include professional instruction in tennis, football and trampoline, and participation in a variety of other sports such as: table tennis, hockey, basketball, cricket, golf and many more. There is also a large common room where students can relax and socialise, watch tv and play video games.

The fun doesn’t stop in the evening at Stover English Summer School as we have an action packed programme every night which allows students an opportunity to relax and get to know each other. This added benefit of interaction with other international students in a more relaxed and comfortable environment is perfect for building friendships and memories. Evening activities can range from film nights to barbeques and games, adding to the variety of activities offered as part of our Summer School programme. Although the evenings are about having fun, safety is still a priority at Stover, and our dedicated staff will maintain a safe environment for students throughout all evening activities.

Weekends provide an opportunity for continued discovery with new students arriving and as one last adventure for departing students. Over the weekend new students are introduced to the school and camp and all students have the chance to experience local areas through full and half day excursions. Weekend adventures can be spent exploring the South West of England, visiting historical sites, touring the countryside, or exploring local attractions. This is a great opportunity to purchase souvenirs and postcards for friends and family back home to show them how much fun you’re having in England!