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Spain Facts

Spain stats

Capital Madrid
Government Type parliamentary monarchy
Currency euro (EUR)
Population 47,370,542
Total Area 195,123 Square Miles
505,370 Square Kilometers
Location Southwestern Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, Bay of Biscay, and Pyrenees Mountains; southwest of France
Language Castilian Spanish (official) 74%, Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, and Basque 2%

note: Catalan is official in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and the Valencian Community (where it is known as Valencian); in the northwest corner of Catalonia (Vall d’Aran), Aranese is official along with Catalan; Galician is official in Galicia; Basque is official in the Basque Country

Spain Currency:  Euro ( symbol: ; code: EUR )

Map of Spain

Information by: http://www.countryreports.org