Camp Camelot

Centre for Affective Management, Experiential Learning and Outdoor Training. Taken literally, CAMELOT represents the legendary kingdom of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table – a symbol of the strength of leadership, professional integrity and moral caliber. It captures the spirit of team forging, cultural diversity and enduring friendship.

Our specialty in outdoor education and passion to encourage participants to learn beyond conventional methods of books and lectures/seminars has influenced Camelot to adopt the Experiential Learning Methodology. We strongly believe that values are best cultivated through personal experience.


School Programs: All of CAMELOT’s school programs align to modern educational research showing the importance of social and emotional learning. They include adventure, leadership and experiential learning courses that help youth develop key skills in leadership, collaboration and resilience.

Sports Education Programs: These courses, ranging from kayaking and swimming to rock climbing and abseiling, are part of a national initiative by the Singapore Sports Council. They focus on providing youth with the opportunity to challenge themselves and gain confidence through outdoor activities.


All costs for CAMELOT’s programs are based on the type and length. Camps run year-round.

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