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Australian National Airline College has all the facilities you need to learn how to fly and to reach a high professional standard so that you can more easily secure your Airline Job. We have been training pilots for over 20 years and many of our graduates now fly for major Airlines throughout the world.

The college is located at Moorabbin Airport in the south east suburbs of Melbourne. At Moorabbin Airport you wont find large airliners but you will find flight training operations, flying charter businesses and private aircraft.

We have a large and varied fleet from four seat single engine trainers like the Piper Warrior and Piper Arrow to larger twin engine aircraft (like the Piper Seminole) allowing you plenty of opportunity to experience different aircraft types.

At Australian National Airline College we are committed to providing the most personalised, flexible flight training

available in Australia today. By using the most advanced training tools and techniques available we are able to offer industry leading, state of the art training courses designed to maximise the potential of every student. Our aviation college has well equipped air conditioned classrooms, a flight planning room with Aviation Meteorology accessed by our computers and several briefing rooms.

The College holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) issued by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Whilst we provide the practical and theoretical training, CASA undertakes the theory exams and flight tests and it is CASA that issues the license. So you are receiving an internationally recognised license issued by the Australian Government Authority and recognised by members of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)

So if you want to learn how to fly, Australian National Airline College has what it takes to get you ready for an exciting and rewarding career in aviation.

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Learn to Fly Courses

Australian National Airline College offers a number of pilot training courses.

  •  Commercial Pilot License and Multi Engine Instrument Rating.72 weeks

This is our most popular course with overseas students wishing to prepare themselves for an airline career and provides the minimum qualifications required by most airlines.

  • Commercial Pilot License (including Theory and Private Pilot License)52 weeks

This course will provide you with a licence that allows you to work and fly under Visual Flight Rules. This is suitable for some jobs however most employers will need you to have an Instrument Rating.

  • Private Pilot Licence (including Theory)24 weeks

This is a recreational licence only. You cannot secure a job and be paid to fly with this licence.

  • Single Engine Command Instrument Rating16 weeks
  • Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating16 weeks

ANAC is Highly Certified & Provides internationally recognized training

CASA : ANAC is approved by The Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

AQF : Registered Training Organisation approval under the Australian Qualifications Framework(AQF)

CRICOS : CRICOS approval means we are approved to train international students( Federal Department of Education and Training )

ICAO : Internationally recognized training – Our courses meet ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization ) standards meaning your CASA licence will be recognized throughout the world and can be easily converted to a local licence in most countries.