Welcome to CATS Academy Boston – Where We Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders

CATS Academy Boston offers an exciting school community where students from dozens of countries study with highly qualified teachers in Boston, the world center of education, to prepare for prominent American universities. At CATS Academy Boston, you will benefit from Cambridge Education Group’s more than six decades of experience  in providing top-flight secondary education while participating in the dynamism of CEG’s entrepreneurial and rapidly-growing first CATS program in the United States.

It starts with you, the individual

  • We start with your abilities and your aims and aspirations
  • We will help you to achieve beyond your predicted level
  • We will work with you to formulate an individual learning plan

We know that all students are different, so we start by finding out about you and your individual strengths and requirements. Through careful, individual analysis, we’ll discover your preferred learning style, your academic aims and career aspirations, your preferred degree or university and the best subjects and study program to prepare you for your goals

We will assess you using the most highly respected performance expectation predictors which predict exam grades based on aptitude. Our aim is to help you achieve better results than predicted.

This personalized assessment process will help us to develop your own individual learning plan, based on educational research from Cambridge University and other respected institutions. Tailor-made to your needs, it gives you clear targets and educational objectives in all subjects. Your performance will be measured regularly through weekly assessments and monitored against these agreed targets. You’ll always know exactly what you need to do to be successful.

We’re as committed to your success as you are

  • A contract of achievement
  • A guaranteed university place

At CATS Academy, we demonstrate our commitment to your success with a pledge.

When you enroll, you will be asked to sign a Student Contract of Achievement. This is your promise to us that you will maintain the highest standards of behavior, performance and attendance. It is a serious document; we expect you to take your studies seriously.

However, we in return will make a promise to you: provided you have met fully the conditions of your Contract of Achievement, we will do everything possible to find you a place at a university that is right for you.

Helping you achieve your full potential

  • Specific help for gifted and talented students
  • Wide range of Advance Placement courses

We help all students reach their potential, but some have extraordinary abilities or ambitions, so for these we provide special help.

Students identified as high achievers will be able to take a range of Advanced Placement courses which offer a more challenging, fast paced curriculum prized by colleges to differentiate the very best students.

Course Offerings:

Please click here to review our 2014-15 Course Offerings. CATS Academy’s academic program is arranged around required core courses and a range of electives. To graduate, students will be expected to have completed the following at minimum:

  • CIGB foundation courses – 1 year
  • English (Literature, Grammar, Writing) – 4 years
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) – up to 4 years only for non-native speakers
  • Fine Arts – 1 year
  • Mathematics – (Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry) – 4 years
  • Science – (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) – 3 years
  • Social Sciences (History) – 3 years
  • World Language – 2 years for native English speakers only


Students can choose form the following elective subjects to supplement their core curriculum. They will be selected with guidance from their teachers based on ability and university aspirations.

  • Actor’s Studio
  • Advanced Fashion: Marketing & Technology*
  • Advanced Painting and Drawing
  • American Art History Visual Literacy
  • Big Data*
  • Biotechnology*
  • Business Writing*
  • Chorus
  • Computer Science
  • Creative Writing
  • Economics Macro*
  • Economics Micro*
  • Economics in Literature*
  • Environmental Science
  • French
  • Game Theory*
  • Gender Points in Literature
  • Genetics
  • Global Music
  • History of Economics, 1785-1900
  • HIstory of Economics, 1900-2015
  • Introduction to Fashion: Reclaimed Materials
  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Introduction to Painting
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Music Business*
  • Music Literacy
  • Music Technology and Production*
  • Philanthropy in Business*
  • Russia’s Role in the Global Economy*
  • Spanish
  • Viral Imagination*

Advanced Placement Courses

Students at CATS Academy are ambitious and motivated and almost all are aiming for entry to the most prestigious universities in the US.

As a result, our courses are often accelerated, preparing students for an Advanced Placement exam for college credit. Juniors and seniors, who have a wider range of electives from which to choose, can follow personal interests to a very high level in advanced half- and full-credit courses.

Advanced Placement Programs are special forms of honors classes where the curriculum is more challenging and lessons more aggressively paced than standard courses. Most universities take AP results into consideration in the admissions process as they provide additional college credits.

  • AP Art College Portfolio
  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture
  • AP Economics
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP French Language and Culture
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics C
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture
  • AP Statistics
  • AP United States History

Sample Timetable

The sample timetable below will give you an idea of what you can expect from your time with us (click the image to zoom in):

Tuition fees for International Students

2016 – 2017 Tuition Dormitory Homestay
Early Bird 5% Discount*
September start
(full time student)
$33,915 $20,140 $17,480
September start
(full time student)
$35,700 $21,200 $18,400
January Start
(full time student)
$17,850 $10,600 $9,200
Single Semester
(study abroad students only)
$18,350 $10,600 $9,200

All fees are subject to a $200 registration fee and a deposit of $2,300 (refundable at the end of the course).
*Early Bird Discount available only to students who pay their fees in full by March 31, 2016.

Included in fees

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes as needed, any AP exams undertaken, SAT/ACT preparation* and full college counseling program. Pre-arrival and on-site visa advice is also provided if requested.
  • Accommodation fees include the provision of full-board meals (three per day on weekdays & two per day on weekends). Shuttle transportation for homestay students is provided.

*Students will be responsible for standardized exam fees which may include but are not limited to the SAT, ACT, TOEFL or IELTS.

Additional Yearly Fees

Additional Fees Per year Per semester
Medical insurance
$1,700 $990
School Materials (including textbooks and limited supplies)  $1,500  $750
Full excursion and activities program
 $3,000  $1,500

Accommodation during vacations

  • During winter and spring vacations, the residences are closed – students may return home, stay with approved family/guardians or, if available, a homestay can be arranged for an additional cost.

Airport Transfers

  • Boston Logan International Airport – $150 each way