University of South Australia, Master of Art in Knowledge Management
        Ballarat University Australia, Certificate of I.T.FB_IMG_1432821976383
Good day Mate!! My Name is Olarn Kamchin or OM. I now teach ICT and computing in Rajavinit Mathayom School and am a part time lecturer for the information technology course (Bachelor degree) at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. I graduated with an M.A. in Knowledge Management from University of South Australia and Graduated Certificate of I.T. from Ballarat University. The Australia education has contributed to my specific knowledge, skills, the point of view regarding good education, especially my personal experience on equity and equality in education, and etc. It is unquestionable that graduated from Australia University gave me a good credit and open more windows of opportunity. I was selected to represent the Office of Basic Education Commission to work with many countries such as Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and Australia. However, I am not just representing Ministry of Education, Thailand but because of my decent work I was always asked about where I was educated and I am very proud to answer that I am an Australia graduated.