Emanuil Zashev

              Swansea University, UK, Master of Art in Human Rights and Development                                                                        Bachelor of Art in  American Studies11391659_10206073150444920_3860791880542711548_n

My favourite part about Swansea is how vividly transformed it becomes once students arrive back for university in September. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Swansea and am currently in the process of finishing my Master’s degree. Since I started university I have gradually enjoyed each consecutive year more than the previous ones. This is partly because student services and teaching staff are always helpful, understanding and working in the interest of the students. The biggest reason for my love for this university, however, is the people I have met throughout the years. Due to its high academic rankings and various exchange programmes, Swansea University is attractive to students from all over the world and as a result, it is one of the most culturally diverse universities in the UK. The opening of the new bay campus in September of 2015 is indicative of Swansea’s progressive and innovative nature and further strengthens its image as a town that’s great for students. It is a mutually beneficial relationship between a city which meets the needs of students, and students that bring the city to life.