Dr. Thanikul

         Doctoral Program in Small Animal Surgery in Department of Clinical Sciences
         Sweden University of Agricultural Sciencesreceived_773227766127436(1)
Prior to my study, I had no idea how Uppsala, Sweden would be. When I reached Uppsala, I could feel it is an ideal city for education! Uppsala is a small city with 2 universities that are Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. So, in the beginning of study year, there will be a crown of university students in town. The atmosphere is nice, clean, excellent and really suitable to study which I can pay all attention for studying. Swedish people are nice, friendly, and helpful. Even though their main language is Swedish and everything in store is in Swedish, people can speak and help you with excellent English anyhow. Morning or afternoon break (fika) where people can grasp up some coffee and tea which is similar to concept of afternoon tea in Uk. It is an important social event where people not having just drinking coffee or tea, but also discussing private and professional matters. Sweden has nice building system, no matter how cold outside, I can survive inside the building. I am so glad to be here. I learn a lot and my world is getting bigger than I’ve ever expected.