American Paradise Camp (APC), Vietnam


We met Kate Smith and Pete Smith and we talk for hours and my mom suggested to send me to a camp at Vietnam called APC (American Paradise Camp). My mom asked me how many weeks should I go, my mom suggested 1 week but I chose 2 weeks. So my family packed up and we waited for about 50 days before heading into Vietnam.

The day I need to leave Thailand I flew to Vietnam on an airplane and arrived at Ho Chi Minh City with Pete Smith and Kate Smith. Then we went into a bus to the camp, I slept the whole way. When we arrived I walked out dragging my bag into a cabin. I saw 6 friends playing cards. There is 6 activities, the sixth activity is free choice activities you can choose any activity you want. There is an evening activity every day, it changes every day.
1 week passed awesomely I was very happy but the day the one week camper needs to leave. Then we get the chance to change activities! I chose them all again then continued to live there until the last day of camp. Another week passed It was time to leave camp but the time to meet my parents again. I flew back with glee and arrived in Suvharnabhumi airport in Bangkok and met my parents again.
I want to use this experience to never give up and fly to other country with ease. I will remember this awesome memory.