Learn Spanish at LSI partner school Barcelona

From its warm, sandy beaches to the breathtaking architecture of Gaudi, Barcelona is among the world’s most stunning and vibrant cities, and the ideal place to learn Spanish in Spain.

Our LSI partner school occupies an ideal location near one of Barcelona’s loveliest and most famous boulevards, Las Ramblas, close to shops and transport services. The language school occupies a historic building that has been completely renovated, making it a comfortable and welcoming place to study Spanish in Barcelona.

General language courses at LSI provide language training in a group environment. These programmes will improve all areas of your language skills. You can also choose to specialise in a number of different areas.

Barcelona – Student Life

Barcelona is a goldmine of cultural and entertainment possibilities for the visitor, and the Social programme aims to help you take in the very best that the city has to offer while improving your Spanish language skills. Popular activities include guided tours of Sagrada Familia cathedral, visits to the city’s best museums and flamenco dance classes.

Sagrada Familia Church at Night

Sagrada Familia Church at NightAs the sun goes down and lights illuminate the magnificent cityscape, Barcelona takes on a whole new look… one that’s perfect for admiring and analyzing the city’s most breathtaking and iconic attraction: the Sagrada Familia Church.

Guided Tour of El Born & La Ribera

Guided Tour of El Born & La Ribera
Located east of the Gothic Quarter and close to the sea, La Ribera / El Born was the historically wealthy part of medieval Barcelona at the height of Catalunya’s mercantile and maritime predominance. The 13th through 15th centuries saw La Ribera and its narrow streets become an affluent neighborhood of handsome medieval mansions and churches, the bulk of which remains intact today.

Flamenco Show

Flamenco ShowEasily one of the most internationally recognized facets of Spanish culture, flamenco is a passionate form of music and dance that draws its influences from the country’s historic eastern world cultures. It was created over time in the gypsy and marginal communities of Spanish towns and cities, where it took shape in homes, gatherings and bars.


Guided Tour of Gothic Quarter Sagrada Familia Church at Night Guided Tour of El Born & La Ribera Catalan Modernisme Flamenco Show